eneral supplies

European dealers

Eric Angehrn ( Potter )
Le château 21
CH-1470 Lully
Tel: 0041 26 663 56 92
Notes: Eric (aka Pepin) does a good range of pottery, mostly based on French and English finds.
June 2002.

Francis Aimable ( Furniture )
F-14400 Nonant
Tel: 0033 2 31 92 70 52
Email: fransculp@yahoo.fr
Notes: Francis isn't exactly a period carpenter, but he is known to make very good furniture when provided with the necessary information in detail. Considering it is all amde by hand, he produces at a modest price. His address does really come without a street, by the way.
February 2003.

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Arma Bohemia ( Points )
Raisova 6
CZ-160 00 Prague 6
Tel: 00420 603 830 522
Email: arma-bohemia@volny.cz
Notes: Arma Bohemia sells a wide range of items. We recommend them as a good source for points to decorate men's laces. They provide Bohemian glass of fine quality as well.
April 2003.

Emma Cooper ( Woodwork, Metallworks )
75 Lincoln Road
UK-NG34 9AR Ruskington, Sleaford Lincolnshire
Tel: 0044 15 26 833 737
Email: Pastlincs@aol.com
Notes: Pastlincs provides period furniture and domestic woodwork as chests and benches. Furthermore they provide you with all kind of hand forged metalwork.
April 2002.

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Véronique Durey ( Potter )
La poterie des Grands Bois
Les Grands Bois
F-58210 La Chapelle St André Tel: 0033 3 86 29 98 77
Email: lesgrandsbois@aol.com
Notes: La Poterie des Grands Bois delivers 15th century pottery made after French sources.
February 2003.

Manufactum ( Interesting stuff )
45729 Waltrop
Tel: 0049 2309 939 054
Fax 0049 2309 939 854
Email: info@manufactum.com
Notes: On its website Manufactum introduces itself with the words "The good things in life still exist". The German company sells a few hundred products of unmatched quality for the whole household from pans to shoes and children toys. Among the stock you'll find hand-forget nails and clothes-pin suiteable for living-history too. Their catalogues is a joy to read - the German one has a lot more products so far.
October 2003.

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Fred Marschall ( Wooden Spoons )
D-07616 Nausnitz
Tel: 0049 366 92 20 909
Notes: Fred is the only supplier of historical accurate spoons carved out of hard wood. They are well worth their price.
May 2003

Frank Miedreich ( Points and Braided Laces )
Motorstr. 38
D-80809 München
Tel: 0049 89 354 48 41
Email: miedreich@mac.com
Notes: Frank Miedreich produces braided laces and points in an exceptional quality. They are finger loop braided. He also speaks very good english.
April 2003.

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Andreas Petitjean ( Precious things )
Schriesheimerstr. 50
D-69221 Dossenheim
Email: petitfours@gmx.de
Notes: Andreas Petitjean works with bone, antler and leather. He does a wide range of items, while he is widely known for his beautiful sheaths.
April 2003.

Kremer Pigmente ( Pigments and Colours )
Hauptstraße 41 - 47
D-88317 Aichstetten/Allgäu
Tel: 0049 75 65 10 11
Email: kremer-pigmente@t-online.de
Notes: This is a great source for all kinds of historical pigments, bone glue etc.
To make it even better, their website has a lot of information on period colours and a email hotline.
July 2003.

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Kai Vahnenbruck ( Turned plates and bowls )
Apfelallee 5
D-63543 Neuberg
Email: Kai.Vahnenbruck@Maintal-Werke.de
Notes: Reproduction of turned wooden vessels produced manually on a pole lathe after archaeological finds. Kai is no professional, but more and more Company members use his stuff.
April 2002.

Kim Wich-Glasen ( Woodworks, Furniture )
Oldenburgerstr. 13a
D-26180 Rastede
Tel: 0049 44 02 916 972
Email: mittelalter-moebel@web.de
Notes: Kim is a fine supplier for furniture of the late medieval period. He does turned wooden containers as well.
February 2003.

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Robin Wood ( Turned plates and bowls )
Lee Farm Cottage
Upper Booth, Edale
GB-S33 7ZJ Hope Valley Email: robin@robin-wood.co.uk
Notes: Robin Wood turns his bowls on the pole lathe. His work is well known, even in museums and among scholars.
February 2003.

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US dealers

Hamilton Dry Good ( Canvas, fabrics including oil cloth etc. )
Ron 'Tennessee' Hamilton
2510 Randolph Road
Cookeville, Tennessee 38506
Tel: +011 (931) 528-6061
Email: hamiltondrygoods@multipro.com
Notes: Primarily a civil war reenactor supply shop, but an excellent source for affordable SunForger canvas and fabric in general. Their gloves seem to be nice as well.