etal supplies

Jaroslaw Belza ( Bolts and Arrowheads )
ul. Droga Pod Strzecha 41
PL-89-606 Charzykowy
Tel: 0048 52 3988466
Notes: Jaroslaw provides a variety of bolts and arrowheads. His website shows detail photos of his craft. He does not speak English, but written messages are translated by his daughter for him.
February 2003.

Arma Bohemia ( Points )
Raisova 6
CZ-160 00 Prague 6
Tel: 00420 603 830 522
Notes: Arma Bohemia sells a wide range of items. We recommend them as a good source for points to decorate men's laces. They provide Bohemian glass of fine quality as well.
April 2003.

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John Buttifint ( Knives )
Thatch Cottage
140, Canterbury Road
UK-CT15 7ET Lydden/Dover Kent
Tel: 0044 13 04 830 535
Notes: John's wonderful eating knives come with a carved and decorated scabbard and have horn, bone or wooden handles.
April 2002.

Emma Cooper ( Woodwork, Metallworks )
75 Lincoln Road
UK-NG34 9AR Ruskington, Sleaford Lincolnshire
Tel: 0044 15 26 833 737
Notes: Pastlincs provides period furniture and domestic woodwork as chests and benches. Furthermore they provide you with all kind of hand forged metalwork.
April 2002.

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Yannick Epiard ( Black- and Bladesmith )
6, Route de Verdun
F-21200 Beaune Tel: 0033 3 80 22 16 84
Notes: Yannick is well known for his knives. He is one of very few providers of period Brigandines.
February 2003.

Mary Fisher ( Needles, Hooks & Eyes )
38 St Martin's View
UK-LS7 3LB Leeds
Tel: 0044 113 262 12 01
Notes: Strange enough we have not seen Candlemaker's candles so far. But their 40mm long and 1mm wide brass needles and their hooks & eyes are recommendable.
May 2002.

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Fred Geneslay ( Moulder, Metal Badges )
Notes: Small but evolving set of very exact pilgrim badges based on the collection at the museum of Cluny, Paris, and various forms of buckles. Fredmakes moulds for badges based on sketches sent to him.
April 2002.

Jean Jordan ( Black- and Locksmith )
F-56160 Ploërdut
Tel: 0033 0297 394 776
Notes: Jean Jordan is one of the few people making period locks for chests. His brackets are of equal quality.
October 2003.

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Peter Lyon ( Bladesmith )
2 Hazelwood Avenue
NZ- Karori, Wellington
Tel: 0064 4 934 25 22
Notes: Peter produces fine blades of superior quality than many European smiths. He worked for the LotR-movie and takes usually a few months to deliver.
August 2002.

Steve Millingham ( Moulder )
"Pewter Replicas"
Church Tower Mint, Hopton Cangeford
UK-SY8 2EE Ludlow Shropshire
Tel: 0044 15 84 823 304
Notes: Steve has spoons and English pilgrim badges at very competitive prices. The tin needlecases are hard to find elsewhere.
November 2003

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Mustadfors Bruks Inc.(farrier equipment, specialty nails)
S-660 10 Dals Långed
Tel: +46 (0)531-71400, 06, 07, 08, 09
Fax: +46 (0)531-40317
Notes: The specialty nails are really nice and while they are irregular enough to pass as handforged nails, they are still much better than what you usually get.
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Rio Grande ( Jewelry making supplies )
Note: This store has an incredible supply of jewelry making supplies, but you need to order the catalog. There is no online shopping.

Selva Technik ( Casting Supplies )
Karl Christian Schlenker KG
Christian-Messner-Str. 29
78647 Trossingen
Tel.: +49 (0)7425 930 300
Fax: +49 (0)7425 930 400

Notes: An odd combination of stuff that is offered, but their motto is "Technology that's fun"

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Lutz Schmidt ( Tents, Woodworks and Metalwork )
D-67707 Karlsthal-Bahnhof
Tel: 0049 63 07 401 224
Notes: Lutz is a member of the Company who makes wonderful tents, delivers all kinds of wooden things and started to do metalworking as well.
April 2002.

Ewald Tanzer ( Armoursmith )
Beethovenstr. 5
A-3512 Mautern
Tel: 0043 27 32 87 112
Notes: Armoursmith with a very good price-performance ratio. Delivers trustworthy.
April 2002.
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Colin Torode ( Moulder - Leatherworker )
"Lionheart Replicas"
1, Westhill Cottages, Seaford Road
UK-BN26 5TT Alfriston Sussex
Tel: 0044 13 23 870 803
Notes: Subtle and properly made stuff. He has buckles and complete belts as well.
April 2002.

Mark Vickers ( Bladesmith, general metalworker )
"St. George Armoury"
Home Farm Studios
UK-HR8 1RD Eastnor Herefordshire
Tel: 0044 15 31 635 999
Notes: Being a very competent bladesmith Mark delivers anything from swords to scissors.
He has points and needles too.
April 2002.

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