ow does an American SCAdian find civilization?

Carl Sagan thought that other civilizations could be recognized even from space, by the presence of perfectly straight lines!!

Americans abroad often feel like ET, somewhere out there, lost, looking for straight lines, surrounded by blood-sucking aliens, who speak in tongues and think that "4th and down" means gulping your 4th beer in one swallow.

Yet, recognizing a civilized country is easy for Americans! All you have to do is NOT to look for straight lines.

Wherever you go, just look for the signs of the American Embassy!
This institution in charge of spreading American culture and values around the globe


perfect in it heraldry "Gules, a capital M, Or"

There is of course the big competitor, char-broiled delicious, yet, horrible in heraldry,


In order to help this search I have embarked on a private project with my lady Margerite.

Whenever we, as travelling SCAdians, as 1 American and 1 Bavarican which equals 1 1/2 Americans, we are always on the lookout for "Fine Scottish Food". Afterall, as American you always wonder what you are going to get on the Autobahn, especially in strange places like Hessen, Nord-Rheinwestfalen and even Brandenburg. As Bavarican I am off even worse! Not only am I venturing forth into the northern countries, where people wear a big foot on their head to shade themselves, but no, I am also wondering what I am going to get to eat in this place. Now, I even live there, in Hessen, where they have no holidays and people warm themselves by wrapping their large ears around them.

Anyway, I digress. Have you ever noticed how there are no signs on the autobahn, showing you which services and restaurants you will find at the next exit?
This stroke of marketing genius has yet to penetrate into this rather thick-headed culture :-)

But, don't worry, Max and Margerite have decided to help.
Below you will find a list of McDonald's and Burger King restaurants, which you can SEE from the autobahn.
Yup, that's the requirement.

As good Americans we wouldn't stand for having to travel further than a few hundred feet to the next source of food. And god forbid we'd have to walk!

So help prevent cultural starvation of your fellow Americans in this wild country. Support your autobahn fast food restaurants and help prevent foot sores from walking too far for food.

All are welcome to share in making this database grow, but there are two simple rules you must follow.
1) You must have seen the restaurant from the autobahn! Just because your saw a sign telling you there is one, does not count. It might be too far!
2) You must have travelled there yourself - no looking it up in the McD database, at their website

To report "new sightings", just mail me at maximilian@mvbmvb.com

McDonalds and Burger King

(Last update Jan 15th, 04)


A3 exit 101 north side Aral
A3 exit 94 south side Esso
A3 exit 90 north
A3 exit 77 BK north side
A3 exit 76 BK south side
A3 exit 72 BK north side
A3 exit 70-71 BK Aral Rasthof Würzburg
A3 exit 66 McD north BK south
A3 exit 40 north side
A3 exit 38 south side
A5 exit 25 east side
A5 exit 30 Bensheim west side
A5 Rasthof Hardtwald near exit 38 BK
A5 exit 34
A5 exit 42 both sides
A6 exit 19 Grünstadt
A6 exit 37 Neckarsulm
33-34 bp northside
A6 exit 32 Wiesloch
30-31 bp northside
A6 exit 38 Autobahn cross A81/A6
A6 exit 46 esso
49-50 bp aral
A6 exit 55 north side Aral
A7 exit 43
A7 exit 47 Fallingbostel
A7 exit 50 Schwarmstadt and BK at Autohof Allertal
A7 exit 66
A7 exit 69 BK
A7 exit 73
A7 exit 81
A7 exit 111
A7 exit 113 BK
A7 exit 119
A8 exit 56 Kirchheim u.Teck /Autohof
A8 exit 74 Dasing McD & BK
A8 exit 69 Burgau McD & BK
A8 exit 62 Ulm West (10) going east towards Geislingen
A8 exit 61 Merklingen
A8 exit 63 Ulm-ost BK
A8 exit 66 Leipheim BK
A8 exit 99 (?) Irschenberg
A8 exit 115 Piding BK
A9 exit 61 Ingolstadt Nord BK(west)
A9 exit 57 Rasthof Greding
A9 exit 56 Autohof/Hilpoltstein Burger King
A9 exit 39 Bad Berneck / Himmelkron McD (west) and BK (east)
A9 exit 28 Schleiz /Saalburg (west)
A9 exit 22 Eisenberg (west)
A9 exit 20 Weißenfels (? - couldn't see during day)
A9 exit 17 Großkrugel (east)
A9 exit 13 Bitterfeld/Brehna/Halle (east)
A9 exit 10 Dessau Ost
A61 exit 43 Pfalzfeld
A61 exit 31 Mendig
A61 exit 47
A81 exit 12 Ilsfeld
A92 exit 16 Wörth an der Isar Rasthof



A1 exit 74 Loosdorf
A1 exit 171 Ansfelden
A1 exit 296 Flughafen BK in industry park
A21 exit 36 Brunn a. Geb./Campus21
A93 exit 33 Wackersdorf / Schwandorf Mitte (West)



E40 exit 32 towards Aachen