ouse Brandenberg is the household of Lord Maximilian von Brandenberg and Lady Margerite von Buchholtz. Both live in Germany in the the 14th century, in the year 1370.

The study of the middle ages is our hobby.
We enjoy the slower pace of life in that time period, as a healthy contrast to our hectic, modern lives.

What we like most about these "current middle ages" are the values which are kept alive and intact and the friendship of thousands of others of like mind all over the world.
We are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Our local group is called the Barony of Knight's Crossing.

utside of our hobby, Maximilian and Margerite are known as Kai and Valerie Scheppe.
You can find Kai's CVs online here
Pictures of our little daughter Breanna Ainsley here
Pictures of our little daughter Annika Hayley here